MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are the perfect solution for a wide range of requirements in the food service industry.

Chamber machines from MULTIVAC are perfect kitchen assistants: They make it possible to produce hygienic vacuum packs that can maintain and even improve the quality of your products. Taste, colour and freshness are retained. The shelf life of your food and prepared foodstuffs can be significantly increased. In addition, vacuum packs support you in complying with the high hygienic standards in your kitchen. Your processes become predictable and efficient, as you can prepare food in advance without stress and quickly access it at peak times.

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Economic viability is key. Reduce your costs by prolonging the shelf life of your products and by operating your kitchen efficiently.
Evacuation is a gentle method for reliably protecting food from harmful influences such as germs or freezer burn and for significantly increasing shelf life. You also benefit from purchasing advantages, since you can buy goods in larger quantities. In addition, you are able to prepare the menu components required in peak times in advance and store them packaged in portion sizes. In this way you optimise your logistics and personnel structure, prevent unnecessary spoilage of valuable food and reduce your waste, allowing you to save money every day.