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Vacuum packaging technology is an excellent tool in the wide range of professions in the food industry. MULTIVAC extractors were developed to meet the widest array of requirements in food processing, making them ideally suited as a training aid: prospective butchers, cheesemakers and cooks learn about hygienic, product-friendly and efficient packaging of both fresh and processed products. They learn how to not only extend the shelf life of high-quality food but also how to improve its quality. In short, they learn about the many advantages of vacuum packaging in their particular field of work.

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MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are the ideal solution for a wide range of requirements in the food processing industry.
MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of chamber machines. Our portfolio for a wide range of requirements in the food industry includes machines in various designs. The powerful table and free-standing machines feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make our vacuum packers a perfect teaching tool.