165 x 275 (70 UM Micron) MULTIVAC Pouch (1000 PCS.)

165 x 275 (70 UM Micron) MULTIVAC Pouch (1000 PCS.)
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For packaging with vacuum chamber machines and conveyor belt machines, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality vacuum bags, which are available in various sizes and configurations.

Our MULTIVAC Pouch in the size of 165 x 275 mm made of PA/PE and in the thickness 20/70 my offer you high product safety and optimum aroma protection through an excellent gas barrier. They also impress with their high puncture resistance and very good sealing properties. The cooking bags are shock-freezeable and are ideal for the Sous-Vide kitchen as well as for vacuuming fresh meat, sausages, fish or whole ready-meals.

As specialists for packaging solutions, we guarantee you tested quality - from the raw material to the finished bag.

Price per 1000 pouches with tear notches for easy opening.

delivery time: 7 days

Technical data
  1. pouch width: 165 mm
  2. pouch length: 275 mm
  3. Composite: PA/PE
  4. Temperature resistance: -50 to +90°C
  5. Thickness: 70 µ
  6. Colour: glossy transparent
  1. No contamination of your product by film residues when opening the packaging
  2. High product safety and aroma protection due to excellent gas barrier
  3. Tested quality - from raw material to finished bag
  4. High puncture resistance
  5. Very good sealing properties
  6. shock freezing posible
Scope of delivery
  1. Quantity: 1000 pieces (1 carton)
  2. Minimum purchase: 1 box