C 200 Vacuum Packaging machine with 21 m3/h pump - MULTIVAC Premium Range

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C 200 Vacuum Packaging machine with 21 m3/h pump - MULTIVAC Premium Range
  • Industrial, consumer goods
  • Food
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MULTIVAC tabletop machines are the ideal solution for the quick and easy packaging of smaller products. They can be used very flexibly due to their compact dimensions. The vacuum machines provide the highest output and also offer outstanding pack quality in professional non-stop mode. The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and thus guarantee a reproducible packing quality. The tabletop machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain. All MULTIVAC machines in the C series have a chamber lid with a viewing window that permits one to view the packaging procedure.

The C 200 tabletop chamber machine has an especially spacious chamber with dimensions of 465 x 355 x 150 mm. It therefore provides a higher output than the smaller models and is suitable for packaging larger products. The use of a pump with an output of 21 m3/h guarantees efficient packaging.

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Technical data
  1. Machine width: 570 mm
  2. Machine depth: 525 mm
  3. Machine height: 360 mm
  4. Machine height with opened chamber lid: 640 mm
  5. Chamber width: 465 mm
  6. Chamber depth: 355 mm
  7. Chamber height: 150 mm
  8. Pump output: 21 m3/h
  9. Number of sealing bars: 1
  10. Sealing bar arrangement and dimensions: front (465 mm)
  11. Usable sealing length: 465 mm
  12. Sealing type: - Double-seam sever sealing
  13. Electrical connection values: 230 V, 50 Hz; 110 V, 60 Hz
  1. Tabletop machine
  2. Chamber lid with viewing window made of safety glass
  3. Stainless steel housing
  4. Double-seam sever sealing
  5. MC 06 sensor control with 29 program memories
  6. Vacuum quick-stop function
  7. Plug-in sealing bar for removal without tools
  8. Filling plates for individual setting of the sealing height and for reduction of the cycle times
  9. No puncturing of the film pouch thanks to automatic progressive ventilation
  10. Stainless steel sloping insert for packing liquids
  11. Simple operation
  12. Minimal servicing work

Double-seam sever sealing
The sealing bar is equipped with a 3 mm wide heating band and a separate severing wire. This enables the excess length of the film pouch to be torn off easily after sealing.This results in a clean-looking and visually attractive pack.

MC 06 sensor control
With the MC 06 machine control, the pressure in the chamber is measured directly using a precise vacuum sensor, and this is incorporated into the process sequence. This means that, irrespective of the size and nature of the product, the values set in the machine control for vacuum and gas flushing are always achieved reliably. In addition to a consistently high packaging quality, the user’s work is simplified and the rate of packaging is accelerated. All the process stages are clearly shown on the LCD display. In the recipe memory, 29 different programs for a variety of products can be stored and called up at the touch of a button. In addition, the MC 06 has over 18 operating languages to which it can be set.An automatic program permits even inexperienced operators to achieve perfect packaging results: when an ideal vacuum is achieved, the evacuation process is automatically terminated and the next step in the process started.

Benefits of sensor control as opposed to time control:
  1. Final vacuum that can always be achieved reliably
  2. Reproducible packaging result, irrespective of the product
  3. Optimum cycle time thanks to automatic stopping of the machine as soon as the final vacuum is reached
  4. Simple operation, since no time adjustment is necessary

Automatic progressive ventilation
When packing products with hard edges such as pork chops with bones or skewers, the film pouch can be punctured if the ventilation is too quick. In order to prevent this, soft ventilation is often used. Here the chamber is ventilated more slowly, which means that the film pouch is drawn gently onto the contours of the product. MULTIVAC's automatic progressive ventilation combines the benefits of both processes: the air first flows slowly into the chamber and then gradually more quickly. This means that puncturing of the film pouch is prevented while ensuring that the ventilation time is optimised.

Gas flushing system
When packing with modified atmosphere (MAP), the atmosphere in the pack is replaced after evacuation with an inert gas, which is matched to the product. This is usually carbon dioxide, nitrogen or a gas mixture. Among the advantages of a MAP pack are the extension of the shelf life and the assurance of quality, as well as handling and transport protection of the product. When packaging food, the shelf life can be extended by the use of MAP without using food additives. Industrial and consumer goods can be protected from corrosion through the use of a modified atmosphere in the pack. In the field of medical technology, a modified atmosphere can protect sensitive medical products.

Filling plates
The seal seam should be at half the height of the product to achieve a high-quality pack. The sealing height can be adjusted to the product by means of the filling plates. The filling plates also reduce the chamber volume and therefore the evacuation time and gas consumption.

Sloping insert
The sloping insert prevents liquids from flowing out of the film pouch during packing. The pouch is simply placed at the desired height on the adjustable magnetic support angle.

Optimum hygiene
MULTIVAC chamber machines are designed for the hygiene requirements of the food industry. The high-quality stainless steel construction makes the machines particularly resilient, durable and suitable for continuous use by professionals. Hygienic design and high-quality materials ensure reliable cleaning. The smooth, sloping external surfaces without any recesses, corners or edges are easy to clean:
  1. Sealing bars, filling plates and sloping inserts can be removed without tools prior to cleaning
  2. The vacuum chamber and chamber lid have a particularly smooth surface and can be cleaned easily

The benefits of MULTIVAC:
  1. Testing by the German Social Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung/DGUV)
  2. All chamber machines carry the GS Seal of Approval
  3. Shorter cleaning and servicing times, which means less downtime
  4. Sparing use of water and cleansers
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