MULTIVAC - more than 50 years of packaging expertise.

MULTIVAC is one of the world's leading suppliers of packaging solutions used for packaging all types of food, life science and healthcare products as well as industrial goods. Our product portfolio covers all customer requirements and includes vacuum chamber machines, thermoform packaging machines, traysealers, marking and quality inspection systems as well as turnkey solutions.

Our customers benefit from our well-rounded process and system knowledge and from comprehensive consulting services from a single source.

Packaging solutions for different applications

Good packaging has different tasks. First and foremost, it should protect the packaged goods optimally and ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. At the point of sale, the packaging also takes on a marketing function.

With its packaging solutions for food, MULTIVAC covers all areas of the food industry - from baked goods, meat, poultry and fish to dairy products and fruit and vegetables. The solutions are tailored to a wide variety of performance and automation requirements. The MULTIVAC online shop covers our portfolio of table-top and standing vacuum packaging machines. These machines fit seamlessly into your new or existing production environment - as stand-alone machines as well as automated packaging lines.

Reliability, durability and comprehensive service make MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines a resilient link in your production chain.

MULTIVAC BASELINE vacuum chamber machines

BASELINE vacuum chamber machines

The table-top vacuum packaging machines of the BASELINE series are a cost-effective solution for packaging in bags. They differ from the models of the C series by limited equipment options and simplified control. Due to their compact dimensions, they can be used very flexibly. A completely transparent chamber lid allows insights into the packaging process. The table-top machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

MULTIVAC Vacuum chamer machines P300 Baseline

Tabletop machines

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are the ideal solution for the quick and easy packaging of smaller products. Due to their compact dimensions, they can be used very flexibly. The vacuum packaging machines offer highest performance and also convenience in professional continuous operation by their packaging quality. The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and thus guarantee reproducible packaging quality. The table-top machines are easy to operate, clean and maintain. All MULTIVAC table-top machines of the C series have a lid with a viewing window that allows viewing into the packaging process.